Arline vs. Foxxie Belize
(Cameras zoom outside to catch Arline Roberts pulling Tomach Koochie to the locker room with a cameraman. The camera turns on and Arline is looking pissed and starts talking into the camera)
Arline- I come to the club and I see this new bitch Foxxie performing. Now am I not the runner up in Miss Icon America? Am I not one of the best Queens out here. I am the Brittany Spears of Drag Queens! So tonight in the Trojan Condom Arena I want that little bitch in the cage!
Tomach-okay I guess if we can go to Frenchie in the booth that will be it!
(Fire rushes out of the entrance way and out comes Frenchie Valure wearing a flawless flame bikini and followed by her group of male strippers. They walk Frenchie to the commentating booth and she grabs the mic.)
Frenchie- That's right Freaks I am here again in this trash of the Trojan Condom Arena and KY is our sponsor tonight go figure! Anyway go get your free sex materials in the lobby. Now onto the events that have happened thus far. Arline that bitch has challenged a friend of mine, Foxxie Belize to a match tonight! This could be interesting seeing that Foxxie is a newbe to the Louisiana Drag Family but is not new to drag competition but on the other hand, Arline has put many queens out with her Brittany Spears number and has been in the Miss Louisiana pageant once and came in 8th place out of ten contestants. I don't think any of this matters when the bitches get in the cage but hell might as well give ya the back ass story. So now we go down to the Cage where referee Cuchie Coo is ready for action.
Cuchie: Okay Queens meet in the middle I want a nice dirty bloody fight. The one who survives will get nothing so just kill each other. If you live the only thing you have to look forward to in entertaining at the sad ass club of Icon. Ready Fight!
Frenchie: I am now joined by Toomach Koochie and she will do play by play of the action below because all I want to do is watch these two sluts battle till the death!
Toomach: Arline starts it off by pushing Foxxie into the cage door and what is this she has turned into Madonna! Looks like she is going for her Like a Prayer routine! And Foxxie is hooked to the steel what could this mean.
Frenchie- Look I saw someone fry last week I want to see something original this time! Leave it to Arline to do something already done before!
Toomach- I think you counted those chickens before they hatched and now Arline is praying for something….It looks like a blizzard! And in that small dress I don't think Foxxie has a chance...
Frenchie- Now that's just wrong Arline Madonna has frozen the bitch! I thought this was the song Like a Prayer she should be shot for doing a medley and not giving us warning!
Toomach-Arline looks to be turning into Liza and going to do here Broadway technique. If Foxxie doesn't do something to get released this could be her last winter!
Frenchie- Wait here we go! Foxxie has called on her Like a Virgin Routine this should shed some light on the subject!
Toomach-and it does as the light of innocence shines enough to melt the ice. But is that lie going to hurt her….Wait she is spinning into….Britney Spears????
Foxxie: I'm Not that Innocent!!!
Frenchie: I told you she was a bitch! Trading acts with Arline and using it as an insult to her!
Toomach-and it has worked as Arline spins into Brittany as well. If anything she has turned into her Stronger routine and has her chair out. But wait Foxxie does her Genie in a bottle routine and it is the battle we all wanted in drag world Brittany vs. Christina! Wait what is that roar! HOLY SHIT!
Frenchie- The Stronger car has ran over Foxxie and Arline gets in it to celebrate!! It might be a bit early for that. The car is lifting
Toomach-But it is too late Arline see this and here we go for the finish Arline is taking off her bra and out come here huge breast. This could end it!!! Foxxie gets to her feet before the massive weight could crush her. Arline is swinging her breast trying to KO the Texas star but Foxxie is now hitting them like a boxing bag!
Frenchie-That bitch better get up before she gets a new meaning of Breast Implant!
Toomach and she does but she is….turning into I Dream of Genie and vanishing….
Frenchise- and there she is behind Arline and shat is she doing??? Wait she is putting a corset on here and tying it tight! And she is turning into….HIT `EM UP STYLE CREDIT CARD OUTFIT!
Toomach-She is throwing them at Arline and chopping her up slicing and dicing her arms and legs off all that is left is the torso and she is letting her survive??
Frenchie-Hell no she is tying the corset tighter and the force of Arline's breast being pushed in is making her head….GET DOWN!!!!
Toomach-OMG Her head just exploded!!!!
Frenchie-Hmmm….well I guess that ends it for tonight! Call the clean up crew…this one is going to cost us!
Toomach- Good Night and have a safe Halloween! See you Next Week on DRAG A THON!