Sopheelya Groin
This is the woman. She is a member of 30% More Hoochie, and her Hobbies include..oh wait..er..I mean look at this bitch! Her picture shows she knows she is just so great lol just kidding girl. After performing pregnant at Studio 54, Cindi Lauper at the Barbie party, and challenging Goldie Lissious to a duel the only thing we can ask is what is she up to next. She admits her shows are always on the fly of whatever she can come up with but if you didn't know then you couldn't tell. Her membership in 30% More Hoochie already makes it know she is going to have a weird ass costume when she gets on stage, but that also means that when she gets on stage there aint going to be nothing but comedy. She is best known for reciting Watermelon and Bubble gum on stage instead of the words to the song. Best wishes Miss Thang!