Goldiee Lissious vs. Bianca Del Rio
Bianca Del Rio vs. Goldie Lisshious
(The lights go up and cameras go to the commentating booth where Toomach Koochie and Frenchie Valure are sitting.)
Frenchie-How the fuck are ya doing! Welcome to the first ever DRAG A THON!
Toomach-Yes indeed! We are here at the beautiful Temple of Doom to first of all give it a new interior design…

Frenchie- Oh shut up we are here to see two of the biggest and most comical Drag Queens battle it out to the death!
Toomach-And on that note lets look at the event tonight. The New Orleans Gong Show host Bianca Del Rio will go against Miss Trailer Park herself Goldie Lishious in a head on confrontation that has been anticipated since the Gospel show at Icon.
Frenchie- Yeah it was there that this bitch talked shit and couldn't keep her mouth shut but then again when you live in New Orleans you get used to that kind of stuff so that's her excuse. AS for Goldie the slut can't keep her damn K-Mart wig on to save her life so it should be nice to watch this one.
Toomach- So now we go down to the Cage where referee Cuchie Coo is ready for action.
Cuchie- Okay queens I want a dirty fight. Lee Press on Nails are allowed as long as you stab really hard with them. Pulling Hair is also allowed but please note it wont help much. Alright ladies Fight to the death!
Frenchie- and those words from the referee we go into battle. Goldie starts out with a huge slap and it looks Bianca is going to return with a slap of her own.
Toomach- Yes she does a Violent slap knocks Goldie onto the ground.
Frenchie-but just that quick she is up and she doesn't look happy! She has activated her Big Lot Nails in multicolors and stars slashing toward Bianca.
Toomach-She better watch out if Goldie is able to hit her just once it will be shredded Rio all over the place. Bianca moves and Goldiecan't control her nails as she runs into the wall and her nails break on contact.
Frenchie-Dumb bitch! What the fuck who is coming out of the entrance way!
Toomach- Bianca takes advantage by calling out Miss Jenkins to her aid. The two queens grab Goldie and throw her repeativly into the wall smearing her make up! Miss Jenkins takes out her cards and starts throwing them at Goldie as Bianca Hooks up her “You Light up My Life” out fit from the Gospel Show.
Frenchie- Wait that bitch Goldie has just caught of Miss Jenkin's note cards and throws it back and divides her body in two! Here comes Selma Pussy and Sophilia Groin and they grab the cord to Bianca's dress it looks like those bitches 30% Mo' Hoochie have turned on Goldie because they are helping Bianca plug her dress in.
Toomach- Goldie spins into her…Oh My God! NO I can't belive this! It is her Titanic outfit and she throws a bucket of water onto Bianca. Bianca shakes with eletctricity flowing through her body.
Frenchie- That's as lit us as she has ever been, and the brightest the bitch has ever shined! LOL Anyone got any marshmallows? I know we got hot dogs!
Bianca falls to the ground fried from the electricity. But wait she is getting up and here is comes her sharp tounge is coming toward Goldie! Goldie just ducked Bianca's tongue and it has just chopped a member of the audience's head off. Wait it Is returning! Goldie jumps over it but her wig gets caught in the tip of the tongue!
Frenchie- Don't ya hate that when it happens! And as I said Goldie has lost a portion of her hair. Bianca puts her nasty ass tongue in her mouth and shows the audience the lock of it she has gotten but WAIT this isn't a good idea!
Toomach-Goldie is still up and looks pissed she spins into her WE BELONG TOGETHER outfit and throws the cock ring around Bianca restraining her arms. And here comes that sharp tongue again! Goldie jumps behind Bianca and grabs her from behind!
Frenchie - Great time for my line --FINISH HER-!!! She throws Bianca in the air and takes out the 6 foot dildo and down down DOWN comes Bianca on top of it and it stabs her straight through!
Toomach- What a way to die!
Frenchie- I wonder if she will let me borrow that when they take Bianca off of it….Wait I didn't just say that out loud did I. Come here you fucking prick with that camera! I swear I will deny it! Goldie Lisshious wins after she brings her props in for assistance and her and 30% Mo' Hoochie sing If You Could Read My Mind in the Temple as the fans join in! Ladie Fucking Dah!
Toomach- From Toomach Koochie and Frenchie Valure we say Good Night and Happy Halloween from The Drag A Thon!